We are Part of Pride of Dakota

We are Part of Pride of Dakota

About Us

Our story starts with our gracious and colorful family the Poku’s.  Meghann and Issac Poku knew as soon as they purchased their first coffee shop and café that serving their community with exciting & distinct gourmet products would be their passion and goal.  Issac, being from the beautiful country of Ghana while Meghann is a native of North Dakota, bring their diverse union of uniqueness of flavors, value of family heritage, and quality to every thing they do.  They are proud to offer you Chipperz Delights and hope they will bring your happiness in every bite.

Our Story

In your hands is world harmony.

A collaboration of the finest ingredients our globe has to offer.

Chipperz Delights are truly one of a kind and full of virtue. They may seem peculiar but one bite takes you on an unforgettable journey. Our story begins with cocoa beans in the Africa rainforests. They are handcrafted in European kitchens to become the creamiest of chocolate and then carefully created into uniquely distinct combinations. Whether its nuts, fruit, or fresh American potato chips, one bite will satisfy any craving and put an end to boring candies.

We offer uniquely inspired confections with exquisite global tastes. Because we had YOU in mind, the product in your hand was made with love.

20% of all proceeds go to charities. Visit www.chipperzdelights.com for more information.